Pastel Paintings

Some people think pastels are a type of chalk. They are not.

They are almost pure pigment (and quite expensive). My first choice are the wonderful thick, handmade pastels by Unison. (Made in the UK). I supplement these with Rembrandt Pastels which are a little harder and also offer a wide  range of pink tones which are good for portrait work. Unlike watercolours or oil paintings, there is no oil or water mixed with the pigment, so they are very permanent. 

My choice of support/paper, is either a type of flour/sandpaper or Clairefontaine Pastel Matt. However, I do like to have fun and experiment with different supports and papers. I rarely 'fix' my paintings as this is unnecessary with the type of paper I use, and it also alters the colours. 

PORTRAITS - I draw the portrait first with a pastel pencil, making sure that my proportions are correct.  I can then 'go to town' with my pastels, often using the slightly harder Rembrandt Pastels first, then the softer Unison Pastels on top. I work very quickly to capture the likeness and usually complete most of the portrait in a 2-3 hour sitting. I put the final touches on in my studio from photographs and memory.  

(Above) SOLD. BEFORE THE STORM. Pastel Painting on sandpaper
(Above) BOB pastel painting on Clairefontaine Pastel Matt
(Below) LARA, pastel painting on flour/ sandpaper
(Above) Pastel portrait on flour/sandpaper
(Below) MALCOLM BENN portrait on flour/sandpaper
(Above) Three Apples on white cloth, painted in pastels. These studies were done as an example to encourage my 'students' to try painting simple things, quite large, in pastels, a medium they had never tried before. 
(Below) Bottle and Pear. Study in pastels. (The still-life studies are £50 each + framing)
(Below) January 2019. Thursday morning art class, painting a still life of apples or lemons in pastels 
(Above) 2019 Art Class in the studio
(Above) Beauleiu Mill. Framed pastel painting on flour/sandpaper. 

(Above) Peter Martin. (Portrait unfinished). Painted in pastels on flour/sandpaper. 

(Above) Busker, violinist. Pastels painted onto canvas.

(Below) 2008 Nuneaton Mayor. 
Here I am, just starting to paint (after the drawing stage) using Unison and Rembrandt pastels on flour/sandpaper
(Above) Chloe,(unfinished) painted in pastels on flour/sandpaper
(Below) Flautist, painted in pastels on canvas