Silk Paintings 

Wide range of beautiful and original paintings.Animals, old cars, birds, flowers, landscapes, musicians etc.

Commission your own silk painting. Email or post good quality photographs of what you would like painting. Prices £125 - £350+ depending on size and complexity. No obligation if you do not like the completed work.


Above: 1929 Alvis car. (I changed the number plate to read 'ALVIS'). The car was on display at a summer fete at Kings Newham near Rugby. Painted on silk. To collect in the studio, framed and overmounted. £195. size approx 50x40cm. (Unframed for posting size approx 40cm x 30cm.) 
Above: Fowey, Cornwall. Painted on silk. £150. Overmounted and framed in gold frame for collection. (Size unframed for posting approx 40cm x 30cm.)

Below: Ballet Dancer. Painted on silk. £175 overmounted and in gold frame for collection in the studio. (Size unframed for posting approx 30cm x 40cm)


TECHNIQUE OF PAINTING ON SILK. Instead of painting on paper or canvas, I sometimes paint on pure silk, using special paints. The colours are wonderful and vibrant and most paintings are a quite impressionistic. The process is quite long and experimental, with about 50% of the paintings not coming out as I would like.  

Above: Gladioli painted on silk. £150. Framed and overmounted in agold frame for collection in the studio. (Approx size unframed for posting: 40cm x 30cm)
Above: Humphrey Littleton painted on silk. £500. For collection in the studio, framed and overmounted size approx 50x40cm. (For posting, unframed, size approx 40 x 30cm.) 
Above: Fillongley Cottage painted on silk. £75. For collection in the studio, overmounted and framed in gold frame. Size approx 36x26cm.  (Size unframed for posting approx 30cm x 20cm.)
Above: Douglas 10 Car. Silk Painting £95. Size unframed for posting approx 40cm x 30cm.

COVENTRY SALVATION ARMY: (below) Painted on silk £350. overmounted and framed for collection in the studio. (Unframed size approx 40cmx30cm for posting).  

Boddinick, Cornwall. Silk Painting with three sailing boats. 

Above: Silk painting sold.

POPPIES: (below)Painted on silk. (sold)


SAILING OR FISHING Boats:  can be painted and 'Named' after someone special.  All paintings are 'original' so no two paintings will ever be the same.

Size unframed approx: 40cm x 30cm.  (A3)


Silk Paintings on fine pure silk.  The colours 'glow' and the paintings are quite different to normal methods of painting.  The colours are very permanent. 

Most paintings are priced between £125 - £850.  

Some of the paintings are available as a Limited Edition Signed Prints unframed (when framed 20" x 16"). 

Commissions accepted. 

Morris Man (Anchor Man)  Silk Painting. (SOLD)  size 40cm x 50cm

BELOW: PUFFINS FLYING: Silk painting £75. size approx 28cm x 36 cm

TIGER: Original Silk Painting £85

(Below THOMPSONS CRICKET £75 Silk Painting.  

Below: Great Cranes Dancing £75. (size approx A3). Painted on Silk. I found a photograph of a dancing crane and then turned the image round to make a pair, ' and painted an imaginary garden background. 

(Below): THE BLUES - this is a study of the Saxophonist playing with Courtney Pine at the Colne Blues Festival, August Bank Holiday weekend 2015. Painted on Silk. £350. in overmount and framed for collection from the studio. (Size approx 30cmx40cm unframed for posting).

(Below): Daw Mill, North Warwickshire. Was thought to be one of the best coal mines in Europe. They had an underground fire in 2013 and the mine was closed although talk from the miners was that they were planning to close the mine anyway and they could have put the fire out! The land should be reverted back to green belt (as per the planning consent) but plans have been put forward to convert it to a large industrial site.  I was permitted to take photographs both before the mine was closed and also after the fire and have done several paintings. (Both sold) but limited edition signed prints are available of the painting below.