Susan K. Moore

Artist and Author of unusual Histories

MANY PAINTINGS ON THIS WEBSITE CAN BE POSTED TO YOU (unframed UK p&p approx £10 extra. Overseas approx £20+ extra. ) OR COLLECTED IN THE STUDIO

COMMISSIONS: from £195 depending on size and complexity. 

Email your photos to susan.k.moore @ and Susan will reply with a quote. No charge if not delighted. e.g: Portraits of people and children. Pets, birds, dogs, cats, horses etc. Landscapes, houses, boats and cars. 

Below: Pastel Portrait. Malcolm Benn. 
Below - portrait in progress. Pastel painting.
Below: Clarinettist, painted on silk 
Below: Silk Painting of guitarist for Popcorn to Rock 'n' Roll book cover.


Susan works from 'real' life. Her histories are fascinating and quite different to works by other writers. She has received awards for 'The Best Children's Book' and the 'Best Non Fiction Book' of the year. All her books are beautifully designed and include photographs or drawings. Signed copies are available from Susan.

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1. Popcorn to Rock 'n' Roll (first edition sold out) 

Revised new edition paperback available end of Feb 2020 from Amazon Books. Also as Kindle eBook. Funny and poignant (love) story. A mostly unknown 'history' of postwar Britain and the early days of Rock 'n' Roll. 

1946 - 1960 

Reg and Dorothy Calvert marry when just 18 and with no home and little money, Reg buys an old bus and they travel from Huddersfield to Southampton to seek a new life. For three years they live in an apple orchard while Reg tries many ways to earn a living, including making popcorn and sweets. Reg and Dorothy want different things from life and rarely see eye to eye. Dorothy dreams of living a normal life and is happy when Reg becomes a Radio and Television Engineer. Too soon, he gives up his job to follow his dream, to bring Rock 'n' Roll to England. He is like the Pied Piper, as young boys, talented musicians and singers, follow him. He employs many of the famous stars to tour his dance halls, including Vince Taylor, Gene Vincent, Billy Fury, Johnny Kidd, Screaming Lord Sutch and Terry Dene. Reg makes the acquaintance of Joe Meek and provides him with musicians, including Roy Phillips and Heinz Burt. 1961 Southern Television film his 'School of Rock'. 


1 & 2: LIFE AND DEATH OF A PIRATE:  5* Review. Special First Edition Hardback out now. 474 pages, over 150 photos. Contains 2 & 3 of trilogy (see below). £16.50 Amazon Books or the author.  


2. Clifton Hall - School of Rock Kindle eBook and in 'Life and Death of a Pirate'. 

Sometimes, being in love is not enough. Reg and Dorothy's marriage is falling apart and to persuade Dorothy to stay, Reg buys Clifton Hall near Rugby. It becomes known as the 'School of Rock' as his musicians and singers live with them as part of their 'family'. It is a crazy, fun time and Dorothy does her best to keep the boys and her husband in order! Loud music is played all night as the boys rehearse through to the early hours and strict house rules include no girls back and no alcohol. To obtain recording contracts Reg has to overcome the 'casting couch' for boys. Screaming Lord Sutch is a regular visitor and they campaign for votes for teenagers. Reg is at the forefront in providing teenage entertainment, turns down the suggestion of managing the Beatles, and employs most of the top recording stars at his dances, including the Beatles, Kinks and Rolling Stones. Amidst the music, fun and laughter, there  is heartbreak which tears Reg and Dorothy apart. Somehow, they have to find a way to carry on. 

3. Shivering Sands - 1960s Pirate Radio Kindle eBook and in 'Life and Death of a Pirate'. 

Radio Caroline began broadcasting from a ship out at sea, Easter 1964. Reg has a new dream and Dorothy reminds him, he cannot afford a ship! Instead, he discovers Shivering Sands, abandoned wartime forts in the Thames Estuary and begins haphazard broadcasts as Radio Sutch, with Screaming Lord Sutch. They have a summer of fun and when Sutch returns to performing, Reg places the station on a professional footing and renames it Radio City. Clifton Hall is put up for sale. Dorothy has had enough and leaves! 

Reg works incredibly hard. He is going blind and living i the fast lane. Reg has a London agency, employs top musicians and manages the Fortunes and Pinkerton's Assorted Colours. He becomes the only individual to make a financial success of a Pirate Radio Station. After living apart, Reg persuades Dorothy to come back.

A rival hijacks Radio City, June 1966. He blackmails Reg for 50% of the profit and £5,000. Two days later, Reg is shot dead. Dorothy's life is threatened as she insists on continuing the station. Dorothy realises it is a foregone conclusion that his killer will walk free as he is part of the 'establishment'. All the witnesses on Reg's side are cancelled and important evidence 'lost'. Reg's reputation is destroyed as he is described as a violent mad man who had a gas gun and was going to kill everyone.  

The government had been waiting for an excuse to end pirate radio and when they close Radio City, Reggie Kray tries to persuade Dorothy to continue.

Even today, there is still a mystery around the shooting of Reg Calvert. 

The trilogy of books are a fascinating unknown history and poignant love story and the death of Reg Calvert became the catalyst that was to change the face of British broadcasting.




Unusual Village Histories:

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I Remember Bare Bottoms & Stinging Nettles £13.50 Award Winning History, with photographs and memories of 11 North Warwickshire village schools in the old Forest of Arden.  

I Remember Strawberries & Sewage £4.50 + £1.50 p&p Village history from oral recordings, with photographs, telling of life as it once was pre 1950.   

Children's Book

The Enchanted Castle (sold out). Two children get lost in time and taken to the siege at Kenilworth Castle in 1266. The have to find a way to return, with the help of Grumple Fairy and the Witch of Crackley Woods. Magical tale based on historical facts. May be republished 2021.  

Below: 'Girl in White Dress' oil on canvas. £150. Size apprx 29 cm x  40 cm. 

  • SMALL GROUP ART CLASSES - alternate Thursdays. 
  • OPEN STUDIO usually the 3rd weekend in September. Please email for an invite / details. 

Above: Studio 
Above: Goose reflections. Original Watercolour framed: 20" x 16" £225 

Other 'bird' paintings include: Owl painted on silk - framed £85. Ducks in Conversation painted on silk, framed £250.  Mandarin duck reflections on silk, framed £195. Blank Greeting Cards available £2.25 each. 

Above: Bob Dylan Pencil and Watercolour painting: £125

Below: 'Compo riding a Cock'. 'Compo riding a Duck'. Watercolours. 


Portraits of pets with their 'miniature' owner.

Cost approx £250 to paint you a picture approx 30cm x 40cm to include over-mount and frame. 

You can 'ride' your own cat or dog, or stand alongside them (in miniature). Every painting quite unique and a bit of 'fun'. Email: susan. k. moore @

Below: Susan Moore in her studio holding a silk painting of Polperro

Below: Alvis Car, painted on silk. Commissions accepted to paint vintage cars on silk. From £195.

Below: David Bowey is just one of a series of Silk Paintings of famous musicians. If you would like to commission Susan to paint your favourite 'star' on silk, please email: susan.k.moore @ 

Cost from £195. No charge if not delighted.  

ABOVE: BOWEY £150 Silk Painting framed size approx 40cm x 50cm 

Blank A6 Greeting Cards available £2.50 each

ABOVE: 'HARE' Watercolour.  A6 Blank Greeting Cards available £2.50 each 

Clifton Hall and Shivering Sands Book Cover designs from original silk paintings by Susan Moore. Available from Amazon as eBooks or combined in special edition hardback: Life and Death of a Pirate. For more details about books visit: 

More details and photographs relating to the books and reunions: 

Above: POLPERRO £295 Silk Painting framed size approx 50cm x 40cm 

Below: Racing the Waves, Oil Painting. Giclee canvas print available £125.

Below: Sheep with Sticky Willy. Watercolour. (sold)

Below: Ducks in Conversations. Painted on Silk. £250.

BELOW: A ROLLING STONE - Keith Richards - painted on silk. Giclee Limited Edition Prints to order £95 each

GREETING CARDS: Many paintings on this website are available as blank-cards. Size approx A6: 14cm x 20cm. The cards are cream, triple fold, with the print mounted inside a window aperture, and signed. £2.50 each. Includes postage on orders of 5+ cards. 

If you are commissioning your own special painting you can have limited edition prints and cards made from  your painting. 


  • Left: Open Studio visitors having a 'go' at silk painting.  

  • SUSAN USUALLY HOLDS AN 'OPEN STUDIO' WEEKEND, ONCE A YEAR, the 3rd weekend of September.


  • ART CLASSES for beginners and intermediates, are organised in the studio, 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.(Specialist and individual classes can be arranged.) 

  • SUSAN MOORE: "I retired from running my own business and now spend my time writing and painting. I have a particular love of painting portraits of people and musicians, as a picture or in words. My style and technique have developed over years of training and experience. I have illustrated several books, the footpath 'walk' leaflets for North Warwickshire Council, won Art and Literary awards, and exhibited widely in Coventry, Warwickshire, and at the Mall Gallery in London. One of my aims is to encourage 'new' artists and promote 'art' in Coventry and Warwickshire. I am currently Chairman of CASE (Coventry Art Societies Exhibition), and CWSA (Coventry & Warwickshire Society of Artists)."  


ORDER YOU BOOKS DIRECT FROM THE AUTHOR for signed copy and free UK postage. 

Payment by PAY PAL to email: susan.k.moore @  Don't forget to supply name and address to post the book to, and who to sign it to.  

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S.K. Moore Book information


Amazon Kindle eBook. Paperback: sold out. Revised edition should be published end Feb 2020, available from Amazon Books. Sometimes real life can be stranger than fiction. A love story with many twists and turns. 1946 - 1960 Postwar England. Reg and Dorothy Calvert with no home and little money, bought an old bus and converted it into a caravan and Reg tried many ways to earn a living, including making popcorn. When Reg first heard Bill Haley's 'Rock Around the Clock' he gave up his steady job and set out to bring Rock 'n' Roll to England. 


Amazon Kindle eBook. Also included in Special edition hardback: 'Life and Death of a Pirate' £16.50. 

1961-1964. Reg and Dorothy move to Clifton Hall near Rugby and with them come an entourage of young musicians and singers. The press ask to visit and write (variously) about the 'School of Rock'. Many famous people visit the house including the Beatles. Sex, drugs, love, heartbreak and laughter - but not in the way you would imagine.  


Amazon Kindle eBook. Also included in Special edition hardback: 'Life and Death of a Pirate' £16.50 

A tragic love story that tells of the extraordinary events of 1966, conspiracy, intrigue and murder. When Radio Caroline began broadcasting 1964 in a ship three miles out at sea, Reg had a new dream. To own a pirate radio station. With Screaming Lord Sutch, he started Radio Sutch on abandoned wartime forts in the Thames Estuary. After a summer of fun, Reg changed the name to Radio City. A rival wanted the station and took it with force. Two days later, he shot Reg. Dorothy is determined to continue and her life is threatened.